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The Good Shepherd Printing Service will assist you from start to finishof every project, from the designing, printing, reproducing, up untilthe delivery of finished materials. We guarantee 100% totalsatisfaction! Our 20 years of experience have earned us many satisfied and loyal customers, as well as referrals.


Aspresident of an evangelistic, college level, Bible school ministry tothousands of prisoners, printing is a major concern- and expense- forus. Sadly, over the years, I have had many disappointing relationshipswith printing companies (local and national) making promises theycouldn’t keep. Several years ago the Lord led me to Jeff Fannin and GoodShepherd Printing Services. Jeff and his caring and competent teamhave- time and again- gone out of their way to assist with- as well ascontribute to- our ongoing ministry expansion and financial limitations.The quality of Good Shepherd printing is exceptional and their turnaround time is lightening; plus they solidly package and ship everythingright to my door. If you are considering establishing a long termrelationship with a printing company, I want to highly recommend JeffFannin and the hard working people at Good Shepherd Printing.

 Dr. Mike Johnston

PMI Center for Biblical Studies –



 I have been a satisfied customer of The Good Shepherd Printing Servicefor many years and have used their services for personal print needs aswell as for Slaty Point Baptist Church, which I pastor.  I have alwaysfound their prices to be very competitive and their service isoutstanding.  It is also good to know that this company is very involvedwith Domestic as well as International ministries and that a portion ofevery print job will be used in Kingdom work.   

Rusty Hedrick - Slaty Point Baptist Church  


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